Unit 33 is a independent artist run contemporary book bindery and print studio set up by Fraser Carr Miles and Annie Mackin.
Based in Hastings,East Sussex, we produce high quality bespoke artist books, boxes, prints, portfolios, stationery, marbled paper and much more. 
Please contact us at unit33studio@gmail.com

We operate two forms of Digital printers here at Unit 33 studios, a Xerox LED toner printer and a large format Epson inkjet printer. 
Depending on the quanitity, format (book, exhibition print, poster etc.) and quality of print we will suggest and quote prices accordingly.

Below is a basic price list for the two printers but for a more accurate quote, please email us a PDF of the work and a brief statement of what you want to  UNIT33STUDIO@GMAIL.COM

Inkjet prices
We stock a small variety of papers
Matt, Glossy and textured
samples available on request
A4 £6.50
A3 £9
A2 £16
SRA2 £17
A1 £25

Xerox prices
Black and white £0.30 per side
Colour 0.50 per side                                    

custom sizes available

Quotes on request.

custom sizes available below B2 (max size our Electric guillotine will take)

Quotes on request.
We run an Epson 7880 large format inkjet machine which we use to produce the highest quality controlled inkjet prints, mainly for portfolios or special edition prints to be “tipped in” (bookbinders turn for a special way of taping the prints onto the page) to other publications. 

We keep a gloss, semigloss and matt stock profliled to our setup.

Prices range from order to order, email unit33studio@gmail.com with quanitiy, size and deadline.