Unit 33 is a independent artist run contemporary book bindery and print studio set up by Fraser Carr Miles and Annie Mackin.
Based in Bexhill,East Sussex, we produce high quality bespoke artist books, boxes, prints, portfolios, stationery, marbled paper and much more. 
Please contact us at unit33studio@gmail.com

the Risograph is an environmentally friendly and cost effective printer, which uses soy-based inks to produce unique outcomes. Each stencil (master) is made from thermal sensitive paper and unlike offset printing it only takes a single print for the screen to be fully inked and ready to print thousands of copies. The Risograph is extremely energy efficient and generates a minimal amount of waste, it has a very attractive low fi quality to it which has made it popular among artists, particularly its low price point on high print numbers. 

when printing 2+colours it can have elements of misregistration due to the way the printer feeds the paper, we try our best to accomodate this by overprinting most orders or offering a pointing process for an extra fee (This is not suitable for all projects so its best to get the conversation rolling about your project before asking for it) This misregistration can make every print slightly unique from a sales viewpoint and some people find it very attractive. 

Risograph printing is a specific form of print that we specialise in, the print process is longer, theres a lot more choice in paper stock, print effects and a lot more hands on but thats the way we like it. If your interested but not sure how to get started why not try one of our drop in sessions

We also offer toner and digital print for jobs that risograph is not suitable for. 

For book projects we offer a seperate price point, email unit33studio@gmail.com. 


We have a wide range of paper stock and often order paper in to best suit projects. 

Email unit33studio@gmail.com to discuss how we can print your project.