Unit 33 is a independent artist run contemporary book bindery and print studio set up by Fraser Carr Miles and Annie Mackin.
Based in Bexhill,East Sussex, we produce high quality bespoke artist books, boxes, prints, portfolios, stationery, marbled paper and much more. 
Please contact us at unit33studio@gmail.com

We offer two forms of scanning which we have labelled ART and DOCUMENT

ART scans are for the highest quality reproduction and digitisation of artwork, prints or documents. We can scan A4 up to 7200dpi and A3 up to 1200dpi. 
A4 = £5 per scan 
A3 = £10 per scan 

Document scans are for simple low resolution digitisation of printed ephemera. 
A4 = £1 per scan
A3 = £2.50 per scan. 

We can edit and process all scans for an hourly fee of £20 per hour. 

email unit33studio@gmail.com to find out more.